Andy Ticehurst

Andy Ticehurst

Edition 28 Highline Magazine


Wow! And just like that the season’s almost done but not before we bring you another edition of the TOTALLY FREE Highline Magazine, full of awesome photo’s, history – focusing on the women in our sport, the usual dose of controversy and opinion, and of course respect for our brave ANZACs.

Please enjoy and share widely.

Edition 27 Highline Magazine


Happy New Year to all our highline readers and isn’t it good to be back racing pretty much everywhere except Sydney (read on for more on that subject).

Finally a disastrous 2020 is behind us and we move forward with the hope of an ever improving 2021 with most tracks back in action and the action has been sensational although it has largely played out before very small or restricted crowds. Still, it’s good to be back at the places we all love watching our dirt track heroes in action

On top of all that it will now bring Highline Magazine a plethora of new photos and stories to cover for you, our valued fans.

In this issue we issue we cover an amazing little scale Supermodified from many years past as well as Woodies reminiscences and a story from the tiny NSW track at Cullen Bullen along with a selection of PIcko’s awesome photos for all to enjoy.

Please enjoy and spread it widely.

Edition 26 Highline Magazine

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